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The Little Dum Dum Club: the 10 funniest items we have ever observed (on the net) | Comedy

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We’re Tommy Dassalo and Karl Chandler, and we make a residing as hosts of comedy podcast The Minimal Dum Dum Club. The web gave delivery to us, and it can conclude us.

Guardian Australia has specific regulations about what we can submit as the “funniest points we have ever found on the internet” and according to them, it’s not correct to just ship in a bunch of clips of our comic good friends where we re-voice them and make them say negative stuff about vaccines. So as an alternative, we have sent in a bunch of other junk. Catch you at the finish for a plug.

1. Dave Chappelle on Kramer

Neither of us are really significant consumers of standup specials on the streaming expert services, but this limited clip of Dave Chappelle at the Chortle Factory is a enormous favourite – in which he kinda defends Michael Richards’s infamous set there. “Hang in there, Kramer!” has come to be an vital, multi-intent catchphrase in most things of our lives. But most of all, it’s just fun to think about that we reside in a environment where Dave Chappelle basically thinks that Michael Richards’s title is Kramer.

2. The ‘India’ prank calls to 2SM

Prank calls were trolling in advance of we experienced the online. In 2006, a bunch of persons – like Sam Mac, prior to he was a Gold Logie-nominated weatherman – ended up listening to a quiz phase on Sydney radio station 2SM and heard a caller mistakenly guess “India” to a problem. The caller was then berated on-air by host Graeme Gilbert for guessing these types of a improper response.

The organic upcoming step for Sam Mac et al, of system, was to get everybody they understood to connect with in and guess “India” to every single issue that was requested – for the subsequent million a long time or so.

We equally turned obsessed with this. We learned it just in advance of we shared a car or truck in a 4-hour targeted traffic jam, and the phrase “India” was probably 70% of our discussion. Sam Mac should’ve received the Gold Logie for this.

3. I Consider You Need to Depart: Driver’s Ed sketch

Tim Robinson’s I Think You Ought to Go away is very easily the funniest sketch present of the final number of decades – and this sketch is a actually excellent taster of what you can expect. To be wholly truthful, we’d in all probability both of those decide the courtroom sketch from season two, but we experienced to submit clips that are formally accessible on the internet. So go look at that sketch on Netflix and then pretend that you have found it embedded in this article. Tables!

4. Jackass Eternally: motion picture trailer

We get it, it’s amazingly silly to place a motion picture trailer in the checklist of funniest factors we’ve seen. But: as if this movie isn’t going to rule. Its launch day having bumped back again from previous October to this calendar year is possibly the worst matter to have transpired to us in 2021. Even though looking at it in a packed theatre at the minute is most likely a dumber stunt than everything they really do in the film.

5. Ultimate 2

This is a longtime particular favourite of Tommy’s. An animation university student put with each other an animation showreel of Dobby from Harry Potter – a decent way of displaying off his skills – but then went the extra mile by inserting himself into the movie and crafting a small scene involving himself and Dobby, where by they seem to be in love with every single other? Which, as significantly as I can recall, is not canon in the Harry Potter universe.

He’s also recorded Dobby’s dialogue on what appears to be the world’s lowest priced microphone, and then filmed all of his areas in a public park, so you can see men and women walking their canines by the track record. No despise though, simply because the animation is good and is far far better than everything I could do (after dropping out of animation faculty soon after 8 months).

6. Kay’s Cooking: avocado on toast

Kay is a charming girl in the north of England who videos herself discovering to cook the most fundamental of meals. She’s intriguing and eminently likable but boy oh boy does her food items appear like a sack of crap.

In this certain episode, she’s trying to make avocado on toast for the to start with time ever. Even so, she’s mistakenly used an eggplant as an alternative, and is bewildered when she attempts to mash the rock-hard innards of this “avocado”. It sounds undesirable, and it looks even even worse.

She’s due to the fact relabelled the video clip as “aubergine on toast”, to save confront. Kay, you cannot fool us, specially by utilizing the fancier expression “aubergine”.

7. Succession but everyone wants some of Logan’s M&Ms

Another Tommy choose. It appears like anyone loves Succession at the minute, but I never know if pretty lots of people have witnessed this clip. This guy is unbelievable. Carrying out even just one of these figures so location-on would be remarkable, let by yourself the entire cast.

I have a very minimal assortment of impressions – I believe the only way I’d be able to pull off a video like this is there was a status HBO drama where each and every purpose was played by Dave Hughes.

8. Seinfeld

A several years back, we were being giddy off the back again of promoting out a dwell podcast at the Sydney Opera Property and staying invited to do a dwell podcast at the most exclusive comedy pageant in the earth, Just For Laughs in Montreal. We had a meeting with a big radio station in Melbourne, thinking, “Here we go. We could get a radio display right here.” As a substitute, the government who was heading to meet up with with us pulled out without having clarification and despatched in some person who realized nothing about us (or significantly else), and ended his meeting with two comedians, in the yr of 2017, by inquiring us, “Have you ever seen Seinfeld? That guy is humorous.”

So, we’d like to pass that suggestion on to you fellas. Have you ever witnessed Seinfeld? If not, right here it is.

9. Norm MacDonald on Saturday Night time Stay

Weirdly, the formal Saturday Evening Reside YouTube account has no clips of the late, great Norm MacDonald web hosting Weekend Update: one particular of the greatest and most influential bits of comedy in the final 25 many years. So rather, I (Karl) am gonna provide this silly, weird sketch that I appreciate so a great deal in tribute to Norm.

Most of the forged in this sketch have been fired just after this 1995 close-of-season episode (Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Jay Mohr), and many others ended up demoted (Norm and David Spade), and it’s evidently composed by dead adult males walking. It’s SO dumb and the audience show up to Detest it. But what do folks know? Practically nothing.

10. The Minor Dum Dum Club

Looks a little silly to market every person else to people out there who, much more than most likely, don’t even know our own things. So, here’s our things.

It’s the story of the time I (Karl) aggravated an open up mic-er who was striving to get a gig at my weekly comedy night by relentlessly insisting he bring Dave Hughes alongside, even with the fact he plainly did not know him. And we told it on our demonstrate to Hughesy, who cherished it. Silly, pretty funny and a decent summation of the past 11 a long time of carrying out this podcast.

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