November 30, 2023

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Most Popular Programming Languages in 2022

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As opposed to most other corners of the IT ecosystem, programming languages are a fairly unexciting topic. They do not tend to transform quite speedy or generally. There’s a respectable probability that the languages you uncovered 20 years back — if you had been even aged ample to be coding then — are still the languages you’re utilizing these days.

But that doesn’t suggest that languages do not wane and wax in popularity (even on a regional foundation). There may perhaps not have been any seismic shifts in the programming language scene in current yrs, but there are some developments well worth noting about which languages are turning out to be far more and significantly less preferred than they ended up.

Towards that finish, here’s an overview of the condition of programming languages in 2022.

Python Remains as Common as At any time

For a long time, Python has been among the most common programming languages. There are no signals that that will improve whenever soon: Python stays in the top slot on the TIOBE Index, which tracks the acceptance of coding languages.

That does not imply you absolutely need to have to study Python — it has its downsides — but it does suggest that builders who can code in Python are very likely to be in high demand for the foreseeable foreseeable future.

Getty ImagesPython programming language

Java’s (Really) Slow Decrease Carries on

Like Python, Java has long been amid the most popular programming languages. In truth, for a extensive time, Java was a lot more common than Python.

But which is no lengthier accurate. Even though Java stays widely made use of, its acceptance has really slowly and gradually declined about the earlier ten years. The decrease isn’t completely regular at moments, Java has appeared to appreciate short upticks in popularity.

But all round, it appears clear that — though Java will almost absolutely stay a key part of codebases for many years to come — it will likely under no circumstances yet again be between the very most well known programming languages.

Perl and PHP: Languages Whose Heyday Has Handed

Like Java, Perl and PHP have been slipping in level of popularity for some time. In contrast to Java, however, they seem to be slipping fairly quickly.

PHP has fallen out of the prime 10 languages, according to TIOBE. And Perl is just barely between the leading 20.

It is tricky to picture PHP falling absolutely off the map, provided its use in massively well-known platforms like WordPress. But it’s also really hard to envision lots of Website developers selecting to use PHP for new projects these days.

As for Perl, I can foresee a day in which it is not made use of at all, at the very least over and above the die-tricky *nix group. Perl is a awesome scripting language, but it never became a central component of essential programs or platforms.

MATLAB Is Incredibly Common

MATLAB is like Perl in that it’s an interpreted language that, by all appearances, is not definitely utilized as a serious software programming language. The only time I have encountered MATLAB is in school programming courses.

To be fair, MATLAB has real-earth applications in regions like studies. But it would be tough to argue that it’s the pretty ideal language for most of people use instances.

And still, TIOBE says that MATLAB ranks 16th on the checklist of most well-known programming languages, a placement that has not adjusted considering the fact that at the very least 2021. It is really hard to know regardless of whether this status merely displays widespread use of MATLAB by college learners. But the fact is that MATLAB would seem to be here to keep, even if some people debate whether it is a “respectable” language.

Getty PicturesMATLAB programming language

R Looks to Be Declining

Some people in recent yrs have predicted that Python would kill off R, the language extensively utilised for info processing.

That did not occur. R continues to be really well known total.

Still, R use does seem to be slipping. It is down from ninth spot a yr ago to 12th in early 2022 on the TIOBE Index.

C, C++ and C# Remain Amongst the Top rated Languages

The stories of the C, C++ and C# programming languages are related to those of Python: They keep on being enduringly preferred, and there is no indication that that will transform at any time quickly.

In some ways, it is simple to take the stamina of these languages for granted, specified how a lot of programs (and even functioning programs) are prepared in them.

But when you realize that C is now a comprehensive fifty percent-century aged, it’s exceptional that it remains so greatly utilised. (C++ and C# are newer, so their reputation is a bit much less shocking.) You may well imagine that builders would have arrive up with a quicker, fewer messy or easier-to-use language than C in the yrs considering that the Nixon presidency, but you’d be mistaken.

Go and Rust Are Incredibly hot, but Not Widely Utilized

For the much better portion of a 10 years, Go and Rust have stood out for getting among the most buzzworthy programming languages. Go is fantastic for microservices development, we have been told, and Rust tends to make your purposes additional safe — when you use it correctly, at the very least.

These issues might be genuine. It is also legitimate that Go and Rust have sound followings. But, when you glance at the quantities, you recognize that neither of these languages even would make it into the top rated 10. Go stands in 13th position and Rust in 26th on the TIOBE Index.

Qualitatively talking, I can not say that I’ve found a drop in the excitement surrounding both Go or Rust in latest yrs. But it does not appear to be that that excitement is ever likely to translate into definitely common adoption of possibly Rust or Go.


All in all, the state of programming languages as of early 2022 is not a whole whole lot distinctive than it was a calendar year ago. Continue to, from the slow drop of Java to the faster decline of PHP and Perl, noteworthy traits exist. Don’t expect any major programming languages in 2022 to entirely disappear, but prepare for a environment that is even far more Python-centric — and where by MATLAB someway remains tremendous preferred.

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