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Modern new elegance technologies “Cellester” can make V shaped face and attractive bust doable. The solution to looking younger permanently exposed.

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HONG KONG, March 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — New elegance know-how Cellester has lately introduced, generating youthful looking face and more beautiful bust curves accessible to shoppers in Asia. Cellester know-how helps to awaken collagen creation, rejuvenate the deal with and human body. Ideal V shaped face and desirable overall body curves can now be acquired through specific and scientific strategies.

Cellester - Japanese style face and body beautifying program (PRNewsfoto/Cellester)

Cellester – Japanese style confront and entire body beautifying software (PRNewsfoto/Cellester)

Cellester can help to restore pores and skin elasticity, generating it younger and supple. The key to keeping youthful forever is now discovered.

Unlocking the Japanese solution to being young: Reversing glycation

Impressed by Japanese splendor spas, Cellester LEGEND makes use of certain thermal and photodynamic electricity to reverse the harming consequences of glycation, which is 1 of the important brings about of saggy and infected skin. Cellester electric power can support to apply regenerative thermal ability to the dermis layer, with its impact significantly surpasses that of typical topical skincare serums. Cellester technological know-how can also help to support elastins and collagen production.

Too much sugar in diet will incorporate with protein tissues, ensuing in a by-item named AGEs, Superior Glycation Stop Solutions. This destructive substance have a destructive oxidation results on the skin, ensuing in collagen loss and aging. Even with invasive cosmetic surgeries, it is not attainable to completely rectify the collagen decline from a essential point of view. Injections and fillers, while helpful, are only temporary measures with transient consequences.

Research done by universities and academia in Tokyo Japan, had uncovered that AGEs are not only harmful to visual appearance, but also could have damaging consequences on cognitive skills.

High-close Japanese elegance spas use precise elegance tools to help the manufacturing of collagen and fibroblasts. This will help to reverse the pores and skin troubles caused by glycation.

Cellester LEGEND with its specifically intended handpieces, which include multi-polar radio frequency, thermal heatwaves and also cryo strength, allows to restore a properly contoured, youthful looking V shaped facial area.

Cellester equipments make use of also ultrasonic energy and intelligent GPS programs to appropriate growing old at the SMAS degree, considerably less distressing than traditional HIFU treatment options and its beautifying effects are equivalent to common encounter carry surgeries.

A extra generous bust shape

Also offered is Cellester Bust product, a specially product formulated in Japan that has a profound bust firming outcomes with an exceptional basic safety report. The cream makes use of a special formulation of EGFs, Soy Isoflavones, pomegranate fruit extracts and hexapeptide. It passed the most rigorous toxicology exams at Japanese labs and has shown to support bust body fat absorption, making a much more generous bust condition. The product can be employed independently or with the Cellester machines.

In comparison to regular breast improvement surgical procedures, non invasive measures and normal bust care massages are much much more natural in effects and appearance, and a ton safer.

Renewal wonder: Restoring a youthful on the lookout visual appeal for up to 3 a long time

Japanese splendor merchandise carry great stable outcomes Cellester splendor technologies normally takes it one particular phase even further, tackling getting old at its root lead to. With the latest conclusions on “fibroblasts”, “collagen” and “glycation”, science has authorized for non invasive actions to pores and skin rejuvenation, a a lot safer possibility to regular surgical procedures.

Cellester is now available at distinctive magnificence spas in Hong Kong. The APAC pricing is also discounted to persuade very first time consumers, making Cellester an desirable alternative.

To study much more about this new technological innovation, be sure to get to out to Cellester Hong Kong or a person of the approved retailers for a cost-free, complimentary session.

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