June 5, 2023

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How to permanently delete spam from your personal computer

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Q: When I see spam in my Junk folder in Outlook, I promptly delete it. This transfers it to my Trash folder nonetheless and from there I need to delete it once more to clear away it forever. Is this the suitable way to do this?

— John K., Port St. Lucie

A: Preferably, objects deleted from your Junk folder ought to be forever deleted when you instruct the email program to do so. This typically transpires when you correct-simply click about the things in the folder, or more than the folder itself, and pick possibly “Delete Forever” or  “Empty folder” when prompted. 

If which is not happening, and the messages are relocating to the Trash folder in its place, then it may perhaps be thanks to a bug in Outlook. 

In most situations, Outlook is set to purge spam automatically from its Junk folder 30 days following its receipt. Nonetheless, in some installations of Outlook, particularly on Macs, this location will get perplexed and when you delete a spam email in advance of the preset 30 day time restrict the application gets confused and moves the concept to the Trash folder instead, believing you may want to preserve it.

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