May 18, 2024

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How to allow the Battery Share feature on your new Pixel 6 to charge other products

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If you have wireless-chargeable cellular peripherals in require of a charge, your Pixel 5 or 6 is there to rescue them. Jack Wallen reveals you how to use this element.


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With the Pixel 6 telephones, there’s a feature (which debuted on the Pixel 5) that permits you to use the mobile phone to demand other wi-fi-charge-enabled gadgets (these kinds of as other telephones or Pixelbud headphones). This can arrive in useful if you have a absolutely charged cellular phone and one more machine that’s about to run out of electrical power. To keep away from this sort of a challenge, you can just allow Battery Share, cost the gadget right until it is really out of the hazard zone, and go about your company. This could conveniently be the variation involving obtaining by way of your working day or not with your products.

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Realize, nevertheless, that Battery Share does drain your Pixel cellphone of valuable cost. Mainly because of that, you will want to use it wisely. That being mentioned, let us locate out how to empower the feature.

What you can require

As I mentioned, this element 1st appeared on the Pixel 5, so you’ll will need both a Pixel 5 or Pixel 6 to make this get the job done. Of program, you’ll also will need a different gadget that works with wireless charging. With these things in hand, let us make Battery Share do the job.

How to empower Battery Share on a Pixel 5 or Pixel 6

To permit Battery Share, open up the Settings app and faucet on Battery. In the resulting window (Determine A), faucet Battery Share.

Figure A


The Battery Share entry is in the Battery menu.

In the ensuing window (Determine B), faucet the On/Off slider until eventually it truly is in the On situation.

Determine B


Enabling Battery Share on a Pixel 6 Professional.

At the base of the display is an significant selection. By default, Battery Share will carry on charging the other products until eventually the cellular phone reaches 10% battery. That is a pretty hefty drain on your cellular phone and might not go away you with adequate juice to get by way of the working day. To avoid your cellphone from functioning on empty, you could possibly want to drag that to 25 or even 50%. Of training course, that suggests the machine you might be charging could not achieve entire ability, but if you’re charging headphones, you might be improved off positioning a priority on your cell phone battery and not that of the peripheral.

How to use Battery Share on a Pixel 5 or Pixel 6

All you have to do to use Battery Share is put the system to be billed on the back again of the cellular phone. The to-be-charged device should immediately start getting a charge from your Pixel cellular phone.

How to use the Brief Tile choice on Pixel 5 or Pixel 6

As soon as you have enabled and configured Battery Share, you can expect to obtain it substantially much easier to permit/disable the element from the Brief Tiles area of the notification display screen. To use that selection, drag the notification display screen down twice and swipe to the remaining right up until you find the Battery Share tile (Determine C).

Figure C


The Battery Share tile is a much quicker way of enabling/disabling Battery Share.

Soon after you’ve completed charging the unit in question, make sure to disable Battery Share, so you do not unintentionally even further drain your battery and stop other individuals from draining your juice.

And that is all there is to working with the Pixel Battery Share attribute. Use it wisely, and it will provide you perfectly.

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