March 21, 2023

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Google Pixel devices on sale: Save on phones, earbuds, watches, and more

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It isn’t Black Friday yet, but Amazon’s already rolled out some seriously covetable deals on the Google Pixel collection, including phones, cases, earbuds, and watches. Here are some of our favorites:

Ever since it came out this past October, Google’s Pixel 7 line has been praised for everything from its incredibly fast processor to its impressive camera speakers, and it’s really the top of the line when it comes to Android phones these days. Add the Google Pixel Buds’ “unobtrusive fit” to the mix, and you basically have a match made in heaven — aside from the price, that is.

Thankfully, prior to what’s sure to be an epic Black Friday, Amazon has revealed a few seriously cool deals on the Google Pixel line. Here are some of our favorites.

Best phone deal

Why we love it

This is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen on the new Google Pixel 7, which includes the new G2 Sensor Chip (aka up to 60 percent faster processing than the previous Google Pixel 6). With the Google Pixel 7, you also get some fun, new camera features: There’s the Magic Eraser to remove any obstructions in your shot, Motion Mode for crisp action shots, and Photo Unblur, which unblurs photos in case your precious dog moves a bit too soon before you got the shot. It’s a super lightweight phone with a wide, 6.3-inch display for easy scrolling and holding. At less than $500, it’s hard to find a phone of this quality at this price.

Best case deal

Why we love it

If you’re just not willing to step away from your Google Pixel 6a (and that’s totally fine), at least make sure to protect it. This handy case has raised edges to protect your phone from scratches and drops, and a two-tone design that brings depth to the color scheme. Made with over 30% recycled plastic, it’s great for your phone and the environment: What’s not to love?

Best headphone deal

Why we love it

If you want a pair of earbuds that pair perfectly with your Pixel, the Google Pixel Buds A Series are a dream: Released last spring, they caught the eye of our tech reporter Alex Perry, who says “I fell out of love with my AirPods because I always felt like one was about to fall out. That wasn’t true of the Pixel Buds. You’ll barely realize they’re in your ears.” Add the crisp 12mm dynamic speakers to the mix, and you’ll have clear sound for hours, even during some sweaty workouts.

Best smartwatch deal

Why we love it

A much cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch, the Google Pixel Watch lets you do everything a smartwatch should: Check emails, answer calls, and use the seamless Fitbit integration for health and wellness tracking. We also love the circular look of this watch, which makes it look more like a timepiece than a piece of tech.

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