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Consolidation Innovation: Producing New Chances for Healthcare Gadgets

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By Dan Aicher, CEO of EmbedTek, LLC

Clinical product styles are intricate – from the technological improvements that created them and interconnects involving distinct practical sides, to their enclosures and regulatory prerequisites. When you insert scalable production to the blend, professional medical machine OEMs are confronted with a intricate load to take care of. Third party associates expert in medical merchandise style, provide chain, producing, and regulatory can assistance OEMs streamline style and design without the need of sacrificing integrity.

Consolidating many components of a design into one particular one product or service can provide sizeable advantages to OEMs in ergonomics, regulatory, expense, and high quality. Unit consolidation enhances the provide chain and, most importantly, the consumer practical experience.


Ergonomics go outside of the glance and experience of a unit and can make improvements to the client expertise in the field. Enhancements can be built throughout the board, from the device alone to how it is transported. In the scenario for one health-related device maker, the only way they could initially create the audio and online video capture system they required was to use a few different gadgets connected to a computer on a desk. The products and the cables connecting them produced muddle, eaten room, and each link was a probable failure place. The OEM enlisted EmbedTek to consolidate the 3 gadgets into one particular. Here’s how we did it.

Yet another health care equipment maker had a different ergonomic situation. They ended up hunting to build a compact, transportable variation of their preferred impression-guided surgical procedure tools. The feat would require the elimination of many exterior parts, although nevertheless meeting demanding technical, regulatory, and ergonomic prerequisites. Needs integrated the use of proprietary manage and electric power systems as properly as being portable, strong, and medically rated. The improved version also essential to have the identical large-performance computing as the larger, primary model. This provided substantial-resolution 3D graphics, discipline generation, instrument tracking, and surgical interface. Here’s how we did it.

EmbedTek engineers leveraged proven finest techniques and experience with embedded computing and built-in touchscreens in surgical programs as making blocks for the design and style of this stylish option. The ensuing item exceeded the unique objectives of the program, was done on time, and has expanded the readily available marketplace of the merchandise.

Source Chain

Doing the job with a provide chain expert in a system consolidation usually means fewer sellers to perform with, superior lifecycle administration of every ingredient, and, typically periods, a minimized charge of creation. When the audio/visual imaging manufacturer consolidated multiple audio/visual gadgets into a single, they ended up able to streamline their very own producing method and attain a competitive edge in the market place. They also experienced a 25% cost reduction, improved revision command, and extensive-time period availability.

When EmbedTek engineers intended the consolidated audio/visual system, they leveraged current source companions of COTS elements, enabling aggressive costs, regular availability, and revision handle. The custom made elements symbolize a lot less than $100 and can be used to other embedded computer systems without the need of modification. This lets the alternative to participate in new computing developments and computer software releases. An extra bonus is the solitary SKU that makes it a lot easier for prospective buyers to take care of.

For the moveable impression-guided surgical procedure machine, EmbedTek’s Food and drug administration registration as a Contract Maker of Health-related Gadgets and our ISO 13485 certification meant the client could follow its typical source chain and decrease the chance of bringing the new gadget to market place.

Better Quality Knowledge

Consolidation to just one SKU greatly lowers details of failure and interconnects, resulting in less difficulties in the field. The audio/visible imaging system capabilities a custom made enclosure created by EmbedTek with supportive branding. Consolidating the system from 3-additionally equipment into a one system removed multiple levels of cable interconnects increasing dependability substantially and reducing most of the prior installation and commissioning method/requirement.

In the same way, the structure of the moveable impression-guided surgery unit incorporates what had been various external units and a custom made ability provide into a single unit. This resulted in a sizeable reduction of the selection of discrete pieces and energy provides, resulting in a greater in-discipline high quality experience.


Minimizing the variety of gadgets, the complexity of the answer and the variety of suppliers involved streamlines the regulatory management load and lowers the risk of a regulatory related disruption to item fulfillment.

EmbedTek partners with professional medical unit manufacturers to reach their sought after layout advancements when optimizing the supply chain to make it acceptable for a health-related product. We have a lengthy monitor document of meeting “nice to have” attributes and stretch targets while remaining in advance of agenda. Good quality, expense, offer chain, ergonomics, and product or service consolidation can deliver a large gain to clinical machine OEMs. Connect with EmbedTek to take a look at the alternatives:

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