April 13, 2024

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Why should you opt for CenturyLink over the other internet and phone providers?

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CenturyLink is a part of Lumen Technologies. CenturyLink is not only restricted to offering internet and phone service. They also offer TV services to both small business customers as well as residential customers. For the longest period of time, CenturyLink has remained a very trusted name in both fibre as well as traditional networks. To allow their customers to avail high-speed internet, CenturyLink uses a quantum fibre network. The quantum fibre network is a completely digital platform that is responsible for delivering all kinds of fibre-based products and services to small businesses as well as residences. The quantum fibre works by the use of the Lumen’s extensive infrastructure and their fibre network.

Why should you opt for CenturyLink internet service?

The CenturyLink internet service allows their customers to choose from a variety of different internet speeds which would suit their online needs. CenturyLink is constantly working on expanding its Internet network coverage. They are attempting to deliver internet speed up to 940 MBPS. With the availability of superfast WiFi at home as well as office, users will be able to connect many devices to the internet, and all the devices will be able to browse and function by using the internet simultaneously. This will not only increase work efficiency but will also allow people at home to stream their favourite TV shows and scroll through social media at the same time.

Advantages of opting for CenturyLink internet network

The CenturyLink network has many benefits to offer their users, such as

  • You will get a wireless modem that works with the use of WiFi 6.
  • You will be able to use my CenturyLink app to control the internet at your home, the security of the same, as well as the privacy of the connections.
  • The WiFi connection that you will receive from CenturyLink will be very secure due to the presence of the built-in advanced level security protection from CenturyLink itself.
  • The WiFi connection provides a ton of speed. This allows the WiFi connection to be able to support multiple devices logged into the internet at the same time.
  • The CenturyLink customer service is superb. They offer 24/7 technical assistance to their customers. Therefore, in case you land up with any internet issue, It will get solved as soon as possible.
  • The wireless modem of CenturyLink also has its own router. The use of the router and modem provided by the company enhances the data speed available to all your devices that are using the internet, ensuring that you have a seamless experience.

Security options in CenturyLink

  • CenturyLink offers state-of-the-art security options for their customers to keep them from any type of internet phishing or cyber-attacks.
  • The privacy protection in case of sentry link works by preventing the user from visiting any malicious sites on the internet
  • The WiFi of CenturyLink is always kept up to date in terms of security. Therefore, your internet security also protects you against all kinds of cyber threats. If you are someone who uses smart home devices, the CenturyLink fibre network will keep all your smartphone devices and home cameras protected and safe from any prying eyes as well as intrusions.

Network management in CenturyLink

CenturyLink has their own app, which is referred to as my CenturyLink app. The CenturyLink app can be used to control all the devices connected to your home network. In case any new device gets connected to your internet connection, you will receive a ping on your phone. You can also use my CenturyLink app to check your internet strength. The customers can run internet speed tests to check for the strength of their internet as well as manage all the connected devices to the home internet via are the use of my CenturyLink app.

Parental control tools

These tools are very important if you have kids in the house. Protecting kids online is crucial.

  • Parental control tools help parents stop the access to malicious sites by their kids.
  • CenturyLink also offers its users the option to pause internet access as well as block the availability of the internet or any other connected devices. For example, it is dinner time; you want your kids to eat instead of staying engaged with their phones. You cut off the internet connection to your kid’s phones via the use of the CenturyLink app. Your kids may not like that, but it is essential.
  • Centurylink understands that parents need to have full control over the device’s connected home network.

If you are based in Las Vegas, CenturyLink, Las Vegas has amazing plans for you. You can avail home internet services for only $50.00 a month. Similarly, you can avail phone services too at $50.00 a month. In case you wish to opt for both services, you will only have to pay $90.00 a month

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