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Which Fitbit units are water-resistant?

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Drinking water resistance is a core feature of modern smartwatches and physical fitness trackers. They supply the needed safety for swimmers and divers, and peace of thoughts for clumsy folks. But which Fitbit gadgets are water resistant, and which can you use in the shower or the pool?

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Most Fitbit smartwatches and trackers are drinking water-resistant up to 50 meters.

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Are all Fitbits water-proof?

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Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Ahead of we delve further into this topic, it is important to note that “waterproof” and “water resistance” are not the similar factor. Fitbit does not assert that any of its devices are water-proof, but a number of equipment are classed as h2o-resistant.

A water-proof gadget is impermeable to h2o under any circumstances. This indicates it is efficiently unattainable for h2o to get into the gadget. Drinking water resistance, however, implies that there is even now a likelihood that water harm can manifest in sure ailments. In accordance to Fitbit, its h2o-resistant products can be employed in drinking water as deep as 50 meters (164 ft). Any further, and you run the possibility of destruction thanks to force at that depth. It’s critical to maintain this in brain if you are a diver shopping for a new smartwatch.

See a breakdown of which Fitbit equipment incorporate drinking water resistance beneath.

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Fitbit wearables that are drinking water-resistant

Curiously, Fitbit notes that the first Ace is not drinking water-resistant but “showerproof.” This suggests that consumers just can’t swim with the Ace, but it is created to brush off splashes.

Which Fitbits are the greatest underwater?

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Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

There is not just one Fitbit unit precisely designed for swimmers or divers, but we’d get in touch with out the Fitbit Perception and Cost 5 very best for that particular objective.

The Sense is the company’s most highly developed wearable to day, with a significant exhibit that improves legibility underwater. When choosing swimming as an activity, the Sense automatically engages a display screen lock to guard against accidental touches.

The Fitbit Cost 5 also offers the greatest shade monitor of any of the company’s trackers. It also characteristics a Drinking water Lock mode that you can manually empower in its settings menu.

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Can I shower with my Fitbit?

Indeed. If you own any of the Fitbits stated over, you can definitely shower with your product. Having said that, Fitbit does notice that extended exposure to cleaning soap can harm the system. In this case, we advocate rinsing the machine carefully after showering and drying off any residual h2o with a cloth. Fitbit doesn’t advise consumers get their Fitbits into a hot tub or sauna.

Can I swim with my Fitbit?

Of course. If you own any Fitbit device described earlier mentioned (bar the original Fitbit Ace), you can swim with that product.

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