March 24, 2023

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‘Things I’ll in no way do with my technology’: Apple Store worker shares four tricks to repairs gadgets

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An Apple personnel took to TikTok to share the very best recommendations and tricks to shield your products and stay away from a trip to the genius bar. 

Karleigh, from Seattle, shared a online video to her over 8,000 followers, revealing four key trips to reduce your unit from a brief-lived lifetime. 

She shared the video clip with the caption: ‘Things I’ll by no means do with my technological know-how immediately after working at the Apple shop for three years.’

Karleigh, from Seattle, took to TikTok to reveal her four ideas and trick to hold your devices lasting and to avoid a genius bar appointment

Karleigh shared the video with the caption: 'Things I'll never do with my technology after working at the Apple store for three years'

Karleigh shared the video clip with the caption: ‘Things I’ll by no means do with my technological innovation right after performing at the Apple retailer for 3 years’ 

Her first tip was to never leave your device by liquids or put your phone in rice

The Apple employee shared her second tip was to periodically shut off your computer to help its memory

Her very first idea was to in no way leave your device by liquids or put your phone in rice adopted by her 2nd suggestion, which was to periodically shut off your computer system to help its memory

Karleigh’s initial idea was to never ever go away drinks or any liquids in close proximity to your products although doing the job. 

She added: ‘And if I ever did get liquid in a single of my units, I’d by no means place it in rice.’

The Apple employee described that many assume putting your telephone in rice is a remedy to drying out the liquid in the machine, but she recommended in opposition to it due to the fact she stated the ‘rice can get caught inside of your cellular phone.’

Rather, she suggested turning your cell phone ‘upside down or positioning it in way to enable the water dry out.’ 

The 2nd tip she shared to her followers was to periodically shut off your laptop computer. 

She emphasized the worth of not just allowing your computer die, but instead, powering it down oneself in its place. 

Karleigh included that she does this to safeguard the computer’s RAM, or Random Obtain Memory, which she notes is: ‘Basically short expression memory for processes and purposes that your at present employing on your personal computer.’ 

The Apple employee's third tip was to frequently clean your devices to avoid bugs from crawling in the ports

The Apple employee’s third suggestion was to often clean your equipment to stay away from bugs from crawling in the ports 

Karleigh's final suggestion was avoid buying charger that weren't certified by Apple or 'counterfeit' chargers because they could damage your device

Karleigh’s closing suggestion was stay clear of acquiring charger that were not certified by Apple or ‘counterfeit’ chargers due to the fact they could damage your device 

Apple notes that a certified charger will have 'single pieces, smooth gold- or silver - colored contacts'

While an uncertified charger with have 'rough squared contacts with an uneven surface'

Apple notes that a licensed charger will have ‘single items, smooth gold- or silver – colored contacts,’ while an uncertified charger with have ‘rough squared contacts’

How to keep away from a journey to the Genius Bar, in accordance to Apple personnel Karleigh  

  • Hold your unit absent from drinking water: If your product does get drinking water in it, Karleigh suggests to hardly ever place it in rice as the pieces could get stuck in your phone, but rather transform it upside down
  • Periodically shut down your laptop or computer: Karleigh endorses completely shutting down your pc to help its memory 
  • Thoroughly clean your products: Karleigh states that cleaning your devices is vistal because bugs can normally crawl into the ports
  •  Buy a licensed charger: The Apple staff additional that you need to constantly purchase a charger that says ‘Made for Iphone’ to steer clear of detrimental your cellphone

She reported that by periodically powering off your personal computer, it will help trigger less ‘bugs or crashes,’ which is why when people generally tell you to ‘turn some thing off and on’ if it isn’t really performing they aren’t joking. 

Her 3rd recommendation to users was to continue to keep engineering away form unsanitary parts and cleanse all of your units adequately and usually, noting that: ‘Bugs will crawl into your charging port or USB port.’ 

Karleigh’s closing tip was to hardly ever acquire a counterfeit charger, 

The Apple worker explained a counterfeit charger as a charger that ‘hasn’t been accredited by Apple.’ 

She added: ‘A large amount of instances if you see chargers that are like 20ft prolonged and 5 dollars it is mainly because they’re counterfeit and use various technological know-how.’ 

For each Apple’s web-site, the explanations to prevent employing a counterfeit charger incorporate risking damages to your system and jeopardizing damages to the cable. 

Apple also mentioned how to location a counterfeit unit by looking at the packaging. 

If a charger’s packaging claims ‘Made for iPhone’ or ‘made for Iphone, iPad, iPod,’ then it signifies it has been certified by Apple and is suitable with your gadget.

Yet another way to place a counterfeit charger is by the faceplate insert.

Apple notes that a qualified charger will have ‘single items and rounded, easy gold- or silver – coloured contacts,’ though an uncertified charger with have ‘rough squared contacts with an uneven area.’ 

Her video raked up over 900,000 views and users where shocked to learn that they had been 'doing everything wrong'

Her movie raked up around 900,000 views and end users exactly where stunned to master that they experienced been ‘doing all the things wrong’ 

Her movie raked up over 139,000 likes and 207 remarks, with buyers stunned at how they have been almost never adhering to any of the Apple employee’s ideas. 

‘I’ve been performing almost everything completely wrong,’ claimed 1 consumer.

Another consumer commented: ‘The way I’ve never ever shut my laptop or computer down and I have experienced it for a calendar year.’ 

‘I go months without the need of turning off my computer,’ included a third user.  

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