May 24, 2024

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T-Mobile lowers Home Internet monthly price back to $50

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Sarah Tew/CNET

T-Mobile’s Home Internet is back to $50 a month. After launching the service this summer for $60, T-Mobile on Tuesday announced that it’s officially back to the lower rate. 

If that pricing sounds familiar, it’s because it is. When T-Mobile first began trialing its home broadband product, it was offering unlimited connectivity over its 4G and 5G networks for $50 a month. When it launched in April, that price jumped up to $60 a month.

In recent months it offered a $10-a-month bill credit to new customers who signed up and had enabled AutoPay to bring the price back to $50 a month. 

With Tuesday’s announcement, the flat price is now once again just $50 with AutoPay. If you don’t want automatic payments it is $55 a month. 

While T-Mobile won’t be automatically lowering the price for people who are already using the service, those who are paying $60 a month can call into T-Mobile to have their rate adjusted. 

Taxes, fees and equipment costs are included with the $50 price and T-Mobile provides a router that also doubles as a Wi-Fi modem, with setup and management being handled by an app. New Home Internet customers will also be able to get a free TVision Hub Android TV dongle for streaming Netflix, HBO Max and Disney Plus and other apps onto a TV. 

T-Mobile previously offered a live TV service called TVision, but canceled the product earlier this year. Instead, the carrier now offers Home Internet users $10 off a subscription to YouTube TV or Philo, with both services also available on its TVision device.

As mentioned, T-Mobile’s Home Internet product uses its 4G and 5G network to provide home broadband. The company offers the product to over 30 million people across the 48 contiguous states and Hawaii, though it has not done any major expansions to the coverage area since launching the product in April.

The company previously announced that it hopes to have 500,000 Home Internet subscribers by the end of this year, with 7 to 8 million broadband customers by 2025.

Kaley Gagnon, vice president of emerging products at T-Mobile, would not disclose how many people have signed up for the company’s home broadband product but says that it’s “still absolutely on track to hit that” 500,000-user goal by the end of 2021.

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