March 21, 2023

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Right now I realized that the FBI has an 83-web site manual to world-wide-web talk

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These days I learned (TIL) there’s an 83-webpage FBI “guide” to online slang crammed with abbreviations entered both by a full troll or another person totally clueless, as lately noted by Input. And yes, TIL is in fact included in the guidebook, but so are 1000’s of other abbreviations that I’m persuaded somebody just manufactured up. Due to the fact no a person truly makes use of BTDTGTTSAWIO (been there, carried out that, received the T-shirt and wore it out) …ideal?

As Enter details out, the FBI’s guide was created obtainable by way of a 2014 Independence of Information Act (FOIA) request. If you choose to look at it out, you should really know it is in pretty crappy high-quality, but it is nevertheless readable for the most part. The Verge actually claimed on this back again when it was first produced it hasn’t been rehashed in a while (and it is the initial I have read of it). Practically 10 years later on, it’s still just as funny.

“With the arrival of Twitter and other social media venues on the World-wide-web, the use of shorthand and acronyms has exploded,” the tutorial describes. “The DI’s Intelligence Investigate Guidance Unit (IRSU) has put with each other an intensive — but considerably from exhaustive — checklist of shorthand and acronyms utilized in Twitter and other social media venues this kind of as fast messengers, Facebook and MySpace.”

It says it includes about 2,800 distinctive examples of slang, which it says “you should find handy in your function or for retaining up with your kids and/or grandchildren.” The guideline also encourages agents to incorporate extra words to the list (and then describes how), which variety of helps make me surprise if there was any kind of approval system for added entries.

In this article are some of the most bizarre types I observed:

  • 420: Medicine
  • BTWITIAILWU: By the way, I think I am in love with you
  • DITYID: Did I inform you I’m depressed?
  • DBI: Douche bag index
  • MAP: Male-alien-predator
  • MSR: Mulder Scully Romance
  • NAK: Nursing at keyboard
  • PIMPL: Pee in my trousers laughing
  • PMT: Pre-menstrual pressure
  • SF: Surfer-welcoming (reduced graphics internet site)
  • TBM: Tactical boyfriend point out

Some of the terms involved aren’t even web slang they’re just straight-up abbreviations that people use in their professions, like DNR (do not resuscitate), DNS (domain identify company, and HSPDA (large pace packet information accessibility). Many others are just entire misinterpretations, this kind of as “LUL,” which apparently suggests “lame not comfortable snicker,” and “LOLOL,” interpreted as “lots of laughing out loud.” If a additional modern information exists, I’d like to see how matters have improved — and if the agents have any strategy how to comprehend moderation filter-bypassing “algospeak.”

In any situation, however, I have found some abbreviations I could possibly want to start using, like IAMA (I am mildly amused) and maybe even LIMB (laughing in my brain).

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