June 18, 2024

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Raspberry Pi Can help Forgotten Home Pc Rise From The Grave

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Who remembers the Sol-20? Us neither, but it was an essential milestone on the path to in which we, and our computer systems, are today. Without the need of the Sol-20 the dwelling laptop or computer environment would be incredibly distinct. This important point in household personal computer heritage is an fantastic preference, then, for a retro laptop or computer copy venture these as that carried out by Michael Gardi (and highlighted by Hackaday) employing a Raspberry Pi in put of the Intel 8080 at the primary computer’s coronary heart.

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The Sol-20 rebuild

(Impression credit history: Michael Gardi)
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The Sol-20 rebuild

(Image credit score: Michael Gardi)
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The Sol-20 rebuild

(Picture credit history: Michael Gardi)
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The Sol-20 rebuild

(Picture credit: Michael Gardi)
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The Sol-20 rebuild

(Graphic credit rating: Michael Gardi)

The initial totally assembled microcomputer with the two a built-in keyboard and a Television set output, the Sol-20 had the misfortune to be released in 1976, a 12 months right before Apple, Commodore and Tandy arrived and stomped all over the current market with the Apple II, Pet and TRS-80. Initially marketed in 3 versions – a motherboard package the Sol-10 added a case, keyboard and power offer, but arrived with no enlargement slots and the Sol-20 beefed up that power supply and included 5 S-100 bus slots (the Sol-20 would be by much the most well known model). The laptop or computer stayed in production right until 1979 and would market all-around 12,000 models, building them very uncommon currently. For contrast, total Apple II income would hit around six million, which include a million in 1983 on your own.

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