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MARQETR, the Marketing Experts Marketplace Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Facilitate Technology Development and New Markets Expansion

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MARQETR, an on-demand marketplace for marketing experts, that’s simplifying access to marketing and brand building solutions, with high-skilled marketing professionals, today announces the launch of its first equity crowdfunding (ECF) campaign. The company will use all capital raised to build its next generation technology platform, increase headcount, amplify its marketing activities and access new markets within Asia.

Mawarni Adam, Founder and CEO of MARQETR

Mawarni Adam, Founder and CEO of MARQETR

Having reached 102% of its sign-up targets for 2021 in just one month since a web portal revamp, MARQETR continues its momentum by taking its first fundraising campaign to a Malaysian ECF platform, pitchIN. The crowdfunding campaign targets to raise a minimum of RM250,000 in return for 1.81% equity, and a maximum of RM3.25M in return for 19.35% equity. This values MARQETR at RM13.5M pre-money.

Founded by experienced marketer and brand-building entrepreneur, Mawarni Adam, MARQETR is unlocking access to marketing and brand-building strategy, execution and more, by empowering marketing experts and business users to seamlessly connect and collaborate in a frictionless digital environment, flexibly and on-demand.

“The way we find quality strategic marketing solutions and relevant marketing experts now is totally broken,” said Adam. “As dynamic and vibrant as the marketing industry is, it still operates in archaic ways. Business users don’t have access to all their options and when they do find the option, the process is frictioned, long and complex.”

She added, “With COVID-19 redefining the marketers’ playbook and accelerating flexible work, we don’t just have a business opportunity here, we also have a huge social opportunity. Studies have shown that there is a great corporate departure that’s happening and the 9-5 is dying. Workers generally, and in our case marketers, are looking for alternatives. Based on our research, we’ve estimated that there will be at least 50,000 marketers in Malaysia, and 440,000 marketers regionally, making the shift to on-demand and flexible work. When combined with the growing needs of estimated 64,000 startups and 6.4Million SMEs in the region, adopting the same on-demand marketing strategies during a period of unprecedented economic turmoil and post-pandemic trends, MARQETR is primed for growth to address the capability gap and empower both the service users and providers within a supported marketing ecosystem.”

MARQETR sets its sights on the global Total Addressable Market (TAM) of RM3.6 trillion with an average CAGR of 17.4% to provide marketing experts with a curated feed of constantly-updated project listings, while at the same time, provide prospective clients with access to relevant and quality marketing solutions to their marketing problems, matched with an unrivalled pool of on-demand high-skilled marketing professionals from around the world.

The capital raised in this round will be used to hire additional five staff over the next 15 months, which will strengthen its capabilities to build a multi-device, full-stack and end-to-end-managed marketplace technology platform, customer relationship management (CRM), loyalty and gamification, smart-matching algorithm and machine-learning, while significantly broadening its feature set, to create the first truly global network for marketing experts and expertise. This will also facilitate its first-stage expansion in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and beyond.

MARQETR’s seed round is open to individuals, angels, institutional investors and members of the marketing community. Investors are able to invest as little as RM2,709 to own a piece of the company, and help shape the future of the brand. Early Bird Offers of up to 15% bonus shares are available until 31 October 2021.

To learn more about MARQETR’s vision and transformation, please watch this video or go to for more information on how to participate as an investor in this round.


MARQETR ( is a tech-enabled on-demand marketing experts marketplace, a matching platform for business users and high-skilled marketing professional that is leveraging data, technology, and digital innovations to build the future of work for the marketing industry. MARQETR’s mission is to make the searching, matching and collaboration process as smooth and frictionless as possible, making it the faster to way to go from marketing strategy to execution. MARQETR was incorporated in December 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with presence in Singapore and the USA.


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