December 9, 2023

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Make coaching genuinely hands-on with wearable units

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By Tim Nowak for EMS1 BrandFocus

Picture this: Your EMS company switches its traction splints from a ratchet-mechanism product to extra of a tent pole-design and style machine. How do you roll out schooling to anyone on how this new contraption operates?

Wound packing is a critical bleeding control skill. A wearable training aid like the TrueClot Inguinal Packing Trainer shown here can help EMS providers practice advanced wound packing skills with the added realism of active responses from the “patient.”

Wound packing is a important bleeding regulate talent. A wearable teaching assist like the TrueClot Inguinal Packing Coach shown here can assistance EMS suppliers observe advanced wound packing abilities with the added realism of lively responses from the “patient.” (Rescue Essentials)

This is not the time to pull out a total-measurement manikin. Rather, you use each other as the “patient” to not only see but also sense how this system operates.

Manikins and stationary education equipment unquestionably have a location in EMS teaching – like in innovative airway management – but when it will come to other arms-on pieces of products, we gravitate towards employing just about every other for the vital simulation and observe.

This seems to perform perfectly for fractures and dislocations, but what about bleeding? How can we use each other to simulate affected individual treatment methods devoid of squirting ketchup on someone’s leg and declaring, “Pretend that it is spurting?”

In instances like that, you’re training about an injury in its place of education on an injuries.

Tremendous-lifelike manikins can be tremendous expensive, which leaves trainers searching for a thing a little bit additional funds-welcoming but continue to practical. That is where by the rising line of wearable instruction gadgets will come in.


With a wearable schooling device for bleeding manage, your “patient” is lying on the ground with simulated blood truly spurting from a simulated damage – directly on his leg (fairly than the table nearby). This involves your crews to act now, and on their “patient.”

Accomplishing the hands-on portion of a talent like wound packing is elevated to a whole new degree when the wound is essentially on a individual, not a desk. The change is that the learner is undertaking a ability although obtaining to consider a live person’s responses (and several amounts of cooperation) into account. Blood (even simulated blood) rolls off the skin otherwise on a human when as opposed to a mannequin, and the mentality of caring for the whole individual sets in when you basically have a particular person in front of you relocating, yelling and acting agitated or in shock.

“You can simulate loss of consciousness or decline of alertness. You also can simulate an individual who is belligerent and incredibly resistant to the therapy,” mentioned Brad Working day, a investigate expert with Luna Improvements, which made the TrueClot line of schooling goods offered by Rescue Essentials. “There is extra realism with the human aspect, not just a manikin lying there primarily unconscious.”

TrueClot helps make two wearable devices that can be significantly practical for bleeding management schooling:


Right here are two scenarios in which wearable education applications can be primarily handy:

Situation 1 – Big arm damage that has weakened the brachial artery immediately after an all-terrain motor vehicle collision

With an arterial bleeding damage simulator, crews can implement a tourniquet to the afflicted extremity, splint all over it and continue to use exterior dressings to handle the injuries.

A unit that mimics actual blood movement that can also be worn on the physique is a large profit when mastering proper tourniquet use. TrueClot designed a wearable tourniquet trainer in conjunction with Fairfax Fire and Rescue in Virginia, who exclusively desired a wearable instruction unit that bled. Feedback and requests from businesses in the subject are very important to the merchandise enhancement method, says Day.

“You are not pretending that blood is there,” he reported. “The bleeding will not prevent right until you have used the tourniquet the right way.”

The TrueClot Inguinal Packing Trainer is a wearable training aid that simulates a junctional hemorrhage that cannot be treated with a tourniquet. Training “blood” is pumped through the device to simulate hemorrhage, and proper wound packing and compression will cause the simulated blood to clot and the hemorrhaging to stop.

The TrueClot Inguinal Packing Coach is a wearable training support that simulates a junctional hemorrhage that can’t be handled with a tourniquet. Teaching “blood” is pumped by the machine to simulate hemorrhage, and correct wound packing and compression will lead to the simulated blood to clot and the hemorrhaging to end. (Rescue Necessities)

State of affairs 2 – Bleeding wound to the femoral artery in the higher thigh

Whether from a gunshot, stabbing or other variety of puncture, intense bleeds in the inguinal place cannot be treated by a tourniquet. But this is one particular of the most frequent parts for wound packing, states Working day, and TrueClot formulated its wearable inguinal packing coach in response to customer requests.

“People were being using our tabletop wound packing trainer and just holding it in the inguinal area,” Working day claimed, “which would clearly designed it challenging to preserve securely in area throughout packing. Furthermore, you want to truly feel like you are packing into the actual affected person and not six inches previously mentioned the affected individual.”

With wearable wound packers like the inguinal trainer, crews can apply packing the wound with hemostatic gauze to regulate the bleeding, then go over it with a tension dressing – all although functioning on an actual human. Obtaining an agitated affected person to account for helps make these exercises significantly impactful.


We may well not all deal with these conditions in the discipline on a normal foundation. That is why it’s crucial to make confident that no matter what understanding working experience we have with them is as realistic as probable.

Individuals say that you should really follow how you play. Effectively, if you are education to use a unit, bandage or other piece of tools on genuine people, it only can make perception to make your training as sensible as probable – and that contains working with wearable coaching equipment on genuine people. The intention is to practice on a distinct gadget or method, not just about it.

For more information and facts on wearable schooling equipment, pay a visit to Rescue Essentials.

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