June 24, 2024

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How AI is Shaping The World of Modern Business

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Artificial intelligence, or AI, is one of the biggest tech developments of the last few decades. The possibilities of how AI can be applied in the commercial world are nearly limitless. AI technology is still being developed, and there are new advancements each day. 

While the possible applications of AI are still being discovered, one thing is for certain: the world of modern business will never be the same. 

The Changes Introduced by AI

AI is prized by businesses primarily because it helps to increase efficiency and can be used 24/7, and because it is incredibly scalable. Whether or not you realize it, you likely engage with at least one or more AI systems every day. 

For example, all the biggest social media platforms use AI to detect content that has been banned from the platform, such as images and videos that depict violence or harassment. 

You may have also engaged the services of a customer service chatbot without even realizing it. There are now thousands of companies using AI chatbots to help manage customer complaints and queries without overloading the human help desk team. 

Getting an Edge on the Competition 

With AI becoming an increasingly important technological aspect of business, it is hardly surprising that so many people want to learn as much about AI as they can. The technology is, of course, still developing, and the wide range of AI applications in different industries and products is really only just starting to be appreciated. 

One way to become an expert in AI and gain transferrable tech skills is to pursue an online master’s in data science such as the course offered by Kettering University Online. Courses such as the Master of Science in Applied Data Science and Data Analytics Online at Kettering set up students for success because they teach them the important foundational subjects along with highly specialized courses that are designed to expose students to industry leaders. 

There are many ways to gain exposure to AI technology, but a postgraduate degree is a great way to gain mastery over the subject, while also making important connections both in academia and in the commercial sector. 

The Future of Business?

It is, of course, impossible to know what the future of business holds, and it is particularly difficult to assess what the tech industry will do next. This is an especially volatile time in the market as large companies such as Meta, Stripe, Shopify and Twitter begin to falter, lay off huge numbers of staff, and reconsider their product offerings. 

There are a few things that can be said for certain, and one of those certainties is that AI will continue to be used in new and innovative ways in the commercial sector. Why is this a guarantee? Because AI increases efficiency, lowers costs, and signals to the rest of the commercial world a high level of technical proficiency. 

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