May 18, 2024

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Bonobos participate in computer system online games at Columbus Zoo

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Bonobos are acquiring enrichment by personal computer online games at Columbus Zoo to retain them mentally lively.

They are playful, curious, affectionate — and Curator Audra Meinelt of the Congo Expedition Region suggests the bonobos are tremendous clever.

“The pc gives them the likelihood to have that added psychological action that they really, really prosper on,” mentioned Meinelt. “Cause they are always smarter than we are when we are operating with them. I feel you can just see the intelligence in the animals. They understand how to figure items out. They actively test to challenge solve by means of any troubles we give them by way of their working day.”

The obstacle they like most effective? Pc online games. They commence with the most primary method — push the dot — get a deal with. Then two dots.

Bertie loves the canine game. But she continue to struggles with the idea of tic-tac-toe that Amelia is mastering. Amelia knows she has to maintain enjoying until finally she gets a few in a row.

“They do appear to be to recognize that when they strike them sufficient that something comes about,” suggests Meinelt.

And, just like your youngsters, there is a little bit of a scuffle when Bertie tries to steal the deal with that Amelia earned.

“They fight in excess of treats,” claimed Meinelt.

Some of the grownup bonobos, who were being centered on lunch when NBC4 was there, are already equipped to set coloured dots in a unique sequence to gain a handle.

“Animals in their native habitat have to do the job incredibly really hard just about every day for their food items and their natural methods. So we check out to emulate that right here at all moments at the zoo mainly because it’s vital for them to keep physically lively and mentally active,” mentioned Meinelt.

They are flourishing in this article, and the Columbus Zoo is an critical section of conservation and safety for this endangered species that is native only to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“They are the minimum-identified species of terrific apes. They have not experienced that champion that chimpanzees have had with Jane Goodal, or gorillas with Diane Fosse,” spelled out Meinelt.

But they have champions in this article who are wanting for new and superior means to keep these good apes stimulated and delighted.

“We do have the capability to load issues in so we could let them to, say, select the enrichment product they want to engage in with for the working day, or what foods items they even want to have suitable now. So we would like to be in a position to use it offer more choice and management so they have an energetic selection-earning approach in their working day to day,” Meinelt explained.

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