November 30, 2023

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Alcoa police to start using new technology that wraps suspects with Kevlar cord, immobilizing them

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Police said that the BolaWrao 100 is a handheld device about the size of a smartphone which launches a Kevlar cord that wraps around people, immobilizing them.

ALCOA, Tenn. — The Alcoa Police Department said that it will start using a new technology that should help keep police safe, while also safely immobilizing suspects.

They said they will start fielding the BolaWrap 100, a handheld device around the size of a smartphone. It launches a Kevlar cord and sends it towards a suspect, wrapping around their legs or their arms and torso. Police said it should restrain or immobilize people without hurting them.

According to the company that makes the device, WRAP Technologies, the device can be used from 10 – 25 feet away. The Kevlar cord is also 8 feet long and launches at around 513 feet-per-second.

Police said that the new technology is part of a national effort to reduce how much police use force and instead train them on de-escalation techniques. They said the device can help with efforts to de-escalate situations without using force.

With it, police may be able to control unarmed and aggressive suspects who may resist arrests. The Alcoa Police Department also said the device may help police who respond to calls involving mental health crises. They said it can be used if the person is a threat to themselves or to others.

Information about the costs of the BolaWrap 100 devices was not immediately available. The company said that the price depends on several factors, including the location of the department.

Alcoa Police Officers Issued BolaWrap:

The Alcoa Police Department is excited to begin fielding new technology that hopefully will make the job a little safer. The BolaWrap 100, from Wrap Technologies, is a handheld device about the size of a smart phone. When deployed, it propels a Kevlar cord toward a suspect’s legs or arms and torso. Upon contact, the Kevlar cord wraps around and attaches itself to the targeted areas to restrain or immobilize without relying on pain compliance.
Officers across the nation are being trained in the use of de-escalation techniques in an effort to reduce the need for use of force when appropriate or possible. The BolaWrap is a less-lethal tool that can assist in de-escalation efforts. It will help officers to control unarmed, non-compliant individuals who actively resist an arrest.
Law enforcement officers are also increasingly being relied upon to respond to calls for service related to vulnerable persons – those who are struggling with untreated mental health needs or substance abuse and addictions. The harsh reality is that not every person who suffers from a mental health or addiction issue is happy to be approached by a police officer. In some situations these individuals may be a threat to themselves or the public due to erratic or threatening behaviors and in need of emergency care. Because the BolaWrap’s restraint system can be deployed from a safe distance, officers now have an alternative means to bring such situations safely under control.

Posted by Alcoa Police Department on Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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