November 30, 2023

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5 Suggestions for Learning Rust for Embedded Systems

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Deciding on the programming language for your following embedded products may perhaps not be as very simple as just deciding on C. While C has been the industry’s go-to workhorse for the past 50 decades, its features and abilities drastically lag modern languages like C++ and Rust. As a result, I’ve witnessed a lot of teams transitioning from C to C++ on the other hand, could there be a spot for Rust?

Regardless of whether you are zealous about adopting Rust for embedded techniques or only curious about the language, there are five recommendations you can comply with to assist you get up to velocity and comprehend no matter if Rust is suited for your assignments.

Tip #1 – Read through the Rust Books

The Rust community has been great about generating studying products for the software package group and producing them commonly out there. Having said that, if you really don’t know anything about Rust, there are numerous resources that I would advise you check out out.

  • The Rust Programming Language. The introductory book introduces developers to the Rust toolchain and crucial ideas these as possession, structured info, sample matching, language syntax, software packaging, and extra.
  • Discovery. A microcontroller introductory guide that uses Rust to introduce viewers to Rust. The ebook is fantastic for students and newbies but may not be a good examine for embedded software program developers with encounter. Having said that, the reserve does pick out a “choose your possess adventure” with palms-on understanding.
  • The Embedded Rust Reserve. Aimed at skilled embedded developers to give them the language techniques they have to have to publish embedded code with Rust, this e book walks through receiving began with Rust, the toolchain, simulation, and on-goal deployment working with STM32 parts. If you have experience, this is the location to start!

I would also advise that you verify out the Embedded Rust Documentation. The local community frequently updates these assets and is an fantastic supply of expertise.

Idea #2 – Get Palms-on With a Challenge

The finest way to find out a programming language is to get fingers-on and make a little something true. Therefore, if you are significant about hoping out Rust for embedded, you need to take into account a challenge you are fascinated in and check out to make. Of class, I’m not indicating you have to spend all your weekends and produce a item you will acquire to marketplace. Even so, a very simple hobby venture can do.

For decades, I’ve employed a temperature station as my technological tryout. If you go again via my classes, weblogs, and information, you’ll discover that I have built climate stations:

  • In Python on Raspberry Pis
  • In C on STM32s
  • In MicroPython on Netduinos
  • In C++ on STM32L4s
  • In Rust for an STM32F3

I’m not overly passionate about the weather I just have identified that after I developed a climate station, I comprehended the principles and hardware. Producing it yet again in unique languages on marginally different hardware aids me to:

  • Study the new syntax
  • Understand language concepts
  • Have an understanding of how to map memory on the microcontroller
  • Compose motorists and interfaces
  • Interface with exterior devices
  • Generate reusable code

Locate one thing easy that passions you, and then master Rust by setting up it!

Idea #3 – Go to Style and design News‘s Rust CEC System

Official teaching can support you study a language a lot quicker. You can discover from an instructor of the greatest practices, what to do, what not to do, and so forth. Design Information has its Digikey Continuing Education and learning Centre (CEC), which has a ton of terrific courses. A person impending training course is entitled Rust for Embedded, and the speaker will be yours actually. The study course will operate from February 28 – March 3rd, 2023. The recordings will be readily available in the archive afterward, but you could possibly want to consider attending dwell so that you can inquire issues.

Idea #4 – Leverage CoPilot to Accelerate Mastering

An thrilling atmosphere to learn Rust is Visual Studio Code (VSC). VSC has a GitHub Copilot extension that can recommend and assist autocomplete code. If you download the Rust extension, it also offers an exceptional useful resource for you to see the Rust code.

The following is an example of a simple Rust application that I wrote to print “Hello Entire world,” examine in 10 people, and then print them to the terminal:


// Rust principal function

fn principal()

    println!(“Hi there, world!”)


    // Rust array with 10 features initialized to

    let mut a = [0; 10]


    // Study characters from keyboard in a

    for i in ..10

        a[i] = examine!()



    // Print array

    for i in ..10

        print!(” “, a[i])



Enable me be distinct: the only code I wrote was the comments. Based on my feedback, Copilot created or suggested the code that came following. It is a straightforward, trivial instance, but I imagine you can see the electricity of this kind of a technique!

Suggestion #5 – Use ChatGPT to Strengthen Your Code

The code that GitHub Copilot generated was really interesting. It assists you to publish doing the job code. Nonetheless, was that code it created the very best to use? Did it fit with Rust’s idiomatic syntax? Would an professional Rust developer cringe at the code we just wrote? Possibly. So how may we improve it if we don’t have an understanding of the language?

A further way to improve your code is to check with ChatGPT to boost it or to use the open AI auto code completion playground. When I asked the AI product, “Can you make improvements to the pursuing Rust code to be a lot more Rust idiomatic?” it responded with the adhering to:


// Enhanced edition

fn key()

    println!(“Howdy, environment!”)


    allow mut a: [i32; 10] = [0; 10]


    for i in ..10

        a[i] = go through_enter().unwrap_or()



    for i in ..10

        print!(” “, a[i])



fn read through_input() -> Outcome

    permit mut enter = String::new()


    std::io::stdin().read through_line(&mut enter)?



We can see that this code now reads in a string and parses and will return an error if one particular is produced. If you were being new to Rust, you’d uncover some new syntax and libraries to assist make lifetime much easier.      


Rust is an remarkable language. It may perhaps one particular working day come to be the dominant embedded programming language or turn out to be an alternate alternative to C/C++. There are lots of techniques to study Rust involving publications, arms-on projects, programs, and even leveraging AI models to guide you. As a procedure language, Rust seems to have an eye on embedded growth. Whether it will arrive to dominate the industry is still to be seen. Both way, I consider you are going to locate that Rust is an intriguing language truly worth learning. Whether you adopt it as your go-to language, only time will tell.

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