June 18, 2024

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16 Absolute Fails From The Internet This Week That Are So Incredibly Funny, You’ll Be Sending This Article To Your Friends Saying “Look At This”

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Hello, my beautiful little readers, and welcome back to my weekly roundup where I curate internet fails for you to laugh at so you don’t have to go on Twitter. Please enjoy!

1. I wonder how he’s doing:

Twitter: @youwouldntpost

2. This Looney Tunes-esque injury:

Twitter: @Notdojaaa

3. The interaction this Letterboxd user had:

Twitter: @eventualforever

4. This cat:

Twitter: @KrisLovesMovies

5. This poster that just makes me think about Chucky:

Twitter: @waziot

6. Not even sure where to start here. The goal itself? Or the fact that they actually asked how to achieve it?

Twitter: @sorbet_______

7. Whatever’s going on here:

Twitter: @sug_knight

8. This… 🙁:

Twitter: @computer_gay

9. This DoorDash interaction:

Twitter: @airbagged

10. This pettiness:

Twitter: @jasminericegirl

11. This because it made me mad even though I know it’s supposed to:

Twitter: @messedupfoods

12. This comment on a recipe. Stacy, c’mon, you need to have a serious talk with him:

Twitter: @fkapigz

13. These auto-generated subtitles:

Twitter: @CSMFHT

14. This message from a coworker:

Twitter: @The_sigma_fem

15. This abomination of a cocktail:

Twitter: @drink_diet_coke

16. And, finally, a second abomination of a cocktail. What are we doing here? (I would order this):

Twitter: @haleyvemealone

I hope you laughed as much as I did! 😈 You can check out some more hilarious fails posts here. If you liked these tweets, be sure to follow their creators!

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